The Top 5 Best Platforms to Sell an Online Course

May 18, 2023


Skillshare is a free membership platform that offers courses in all sorts of areas, from illustration to music production to knitting. The site has a wide range of instructors and classes, so there's something for everyone.

If you're looking to make money as an instructor on Skillshare, there are two ways you can do this: by charging students who enrol in your course or by earning revenue through advertising on your page. If you choose the latter option, keep in mind that Skillshare doesn't take any cut from ad revenue generated by your class page, you keep 100%!


CourseApp has swiftly emerged as one of the top platforms for selling online courses, and for good reasons. The platform stands out for its robust suite of features designed to facilitate the creation, management, and scaling of online education businesses. 

With unlimited capacity for courses, lessons, and students, it enables educators to grow without constraints. Its unique features such as course bundles, events, milestones, and nudges enhance the learning experience, driving engagement and accountability among students. 

Additionally, CourseApp offers opportunities for customisation and community-building, including the option to remove the CourseApp logo for a more personalised look and a weekly townhall feature to foster a sense of community. All these elements combine to make CourseApp an excellent choice for educators seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to sell their online courses effectively.


Udemy is a great platform to sell an online course. It's a marketplace for online courses, so you won't be competing against other instructors to get your content in front of consumers. It also has a large audience and is well known. You can make sure that buyers will see your course by using the best keywords in its title, summary and description pages.

Udemy offers some powerful tools for instructors such as detailed analytics reports (including sales data), email marketing campaigns and affiliate programs where you can earn commissions when someone buys through links on your site or social media channels like Twitter or Facebook!


CreativeLive is a great platform for online course creators. The platform offers a variety of tools that can help you create and promote your online course, including:

  • Broadcast live online classes
  • Host Q&A sessions with students
  • Create a community of students
  • Host a live event

Udacity Nanodegree

If you're looking for a new way to learn something, Udacity offers nanodegrees in many different disciplines. These are credentials that show you have mastered a subject, and they can be earned in just six months. The best part? They aren't free; but if you're willing to pay for your education, then this is one of the best platforms out there.


Coursera is a MOOC platform that offers over 1,000 courses from top universities around the world. Coursera has a free plan and paid plans. You can earn certificates of completion by passing quizzes, tests and exams offered by your course instructors.

The flexibility of the payment plan allows you to pay for your course in small increments throughout its duration (which may be weeks or months). This means you won't have to shell out hundreds of dollars up front if you don't want to!

You can make money online by selling a course.

You can use a course to market your business, build your brand, and get more clients. You'll be able to reach people you never imagined were interested in what you have to offer! The best part? Courses are easy for customers because they're self-contained learning experiences that don't require much time or effort from the student (unlike books).

Selling online courses is also great for getting more followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people love being educated about new things!

FAQs on the best platforms to sell an online course

Selecting the ideal platform to sell your online course is crucial. Our FAQ section provides a deeper dive into the top 5 platforms - CourseApp, LearnWorlds, Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi - covering aspects like user-friendliness, interactive videos, ease of use, comprehensive features, and all-in-one solutions. Get answers to your pressing questions and make an informed decision for your online course business.

How can I do content marketing for my online course business?

Content marketing is one of the best ways to build trust with your target audience, get more social media followers and generate sales. It's also a great way to promote your online course business.

In fact, content marketing has become so popular that it's now one of the most effective ways for businesses to get new customers and generate revenue.

How can I scale my online course business?

As your business grows, you'll want to make sure that you are maximising revenue and reducing costs. Here are some tips for how to scale your online course business:

  • Use a marketing automation tool like ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit. This will help you automate your follow-up emails so that they go out at the right time and in the right order (for example, after someone has purchased but before they start their course).
  • Use a CRM tool like Salesforce or Zapier. The goal here is to have all of your customer information in one place so that it's easy for salespeople on your team (or even customers) who don't have access to other systems like Stripe or PayPal accounts yet!
  • Create an automated sales funnel using LeadPages (or similar) so people can sign up for more information about whatever topic interests them most - then send those leads through multiple steps until they're ready to buy something from you! This also helps prevent losing potential customers because they didn't know how much money was involved upfront; instead they can see what kind of value proposition works best for them before committing any funds themselves.

How can I improve completion rates for my online courses?

  • Make sure your course is well-structured.
  • Use a course structure that makes sense to your audience.
  • Have good marketing copy.
  • Use a video that is engaging and easy to follow.

There are many ways you can improve completion rates for your online courses, but these steps will help ensure that students stay engaged throughout their time with you as an instructor!

How can I improve customer retention for my online course business?

As an online course business, you need to make sure that all of these things are in place. If any one of them is missing, it could cost you customers and money.

The first step is to have a great product. You can't have an excellent customer service team if your product isn't worth buying in the first place! So make sure your course content is high quality and relevant for people who want to learn about it, if it isn't, then no amount of marketing will help increase sales because there won't be enough interest from potential students for them to buy into what you're selling.

Next up: customer service! Once someone has signed up for one of our courses (or any other online course), we always try our best not only deliver great content but also provide excellent support throughout their entire experience with us, whether that means answering questions via email or phone call/video call sessions where possible depending on how much time each student wants me spend working with them personally versus just providing materials through email updates etcetera). This way everyone gets exactly what they need without feeling overwhelmed by having too many options available at once.


The best way to start selling your online course is by creating a website and promoting it on social media. You can also promote your business through paid ads on Facebook and Google, but this might not be necessary if your content is good enough. Once you have enrolled some students, try sending them personalised emails every week with new lessons or assignments that help them progress at their own pace.

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